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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 28, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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. now at 11:00. no relief from the frigid cold for more than 1,000 household in the east bay. pg&e customers helplessly waiting for the gas to be turned back on as temperatures plunge. good evening thanks for joining us tonight. >> 7 news reporter cornell bernard tell you about the rush to get the heat become on for people in discovery bay in a moment. >> let's begin with sandhya and just how cold it will get tonight. >>reporter: bone chilling col cold. let's take a look at the current temperature in discover bay 36 degrees right now. so already chilly. the temperatures will 10 to drop so by morning they bottom out below freezing. 30 degrees at 7:00 a.m. then the temperatures will recover. i hope they have a way to pile on the winter clothes and stay warm around the rest of the bay
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area we do have very cold readings as well. right now napa and antioch lever more in the mid 30's. look at san ramone 33 degrees. sampling of some of the low temperatures tomorrow morning, 28 in nap a.30 in livermore we talk mid 30's san mateo oshtion san jos jose, san francisco 40 degrees. we check out the rest of the low temperatures for the bay area tomorrow morning and let you know if there's any rain chance in the forecast coming right up. all right thanks. >> 7 news continues our team coverage now. >> live in discovery bay where it's a cold tonight for more than 1,000 pg&e households with no gas. cornell? >>reporter: yes that's right. temperatures dropping fast here tonight. 4700 gas customers have been restored but 1200 are still without gas tonight and may have to suffer through another very cold evening. mainly because pg&e cost not make contact with those homeowners tonight. crews are
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still testing out gas lines&x here on this road to find out what exactly caused the gas to fail. snow man on the front door of the winn family house is no xanl ration. >> it's cold. item definitely cold. >>reporter: no gas heat inside for two days. space heaters working over time. >> i'm wearing my ski clothes to keep warm. >> we are so used to heat we never you don't think of. >> you don't think of it until something like this happens then it make you wonder. >>reporter: they and 6200 other pg&e customers lost natural gas service sunday. about. ge is investigating the cause of the outage after a a regularlytor at gas facility malfunction. restaurants are busy tonight with folk who just wanted to get out of the house after very cold night. >> crazy cold. captain make coffee or do anything. can't take a shower. >>reporter: want to spend another night like that. >> no. >>reporter: warming center was set up by the red cross at timber point elementary but
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some chose to tough it out at home. putting fireplaces to good use but no hot water to do dishes or cook a meal. more than 200 crew are going door to door to relight pilot lights. if you are not home you can call for an appointment but some are still waiting. >> no i don't have gas. >>reporter: during our visit pg&e showed up to restore service. >> now you have your heat back on. yes. e-not a moment too soon. in discovery bay, abc 7 news. theme park in santa cruz county will stay closed during the investigation into an accident involving a train filled with passengers including children and group of tourists from korea a.we were over the roaring camp railroad park in felt on today shortly after train ran into a hillsid hillside. 8 people were hurt. 4 taken to the hospital. early findings indicate the train's throttle got stuck. new tonight jail deputy if santa clare county is
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recovering after being jumped by nearly a dozen mates. it happened at em wood jail thursday evening. deputy confronted 10en mate in unauthorized area and ordered with town put down contraband. deputy leaned to picket up they punched and kick him. he had cuts and bruises and possibly ligament damage. two major development in mystery of man's body found inside a u-haul at bart station. he's 40-year-old jason anderson from bay point. we have learned man shot by part police charles get toing is four considered a suspect in anderson's death. officers say on christmas day they spotted get toing pushing the u-haul and returned for after he shot an officer. both get toing and the officer are expected to recover. we have new details on the agreement between japan and south korea that resolves the dispute over so-called comfort women. or women forced to serve as six slaves during world war ii. tonight
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agreement aerping praise but as lillian tells us, some are still criticizing the deal. >> after year and a half of spweps negotiations japan now offers an apology and with it an 8 million dollar payment. but protestors in south korea aren't satisfied and san francisco two women are just as upset. >> this is bribery. it is it's just really repulse i have to me. >>reporter: retired judges here are co-chair of the comfort women justice coalitio coalition. they say the agreement requires south korea to forever drop the issue. excludes initiative any legal responsibility from japan and offers no formal reparation. 8.3 million dollars japan is setting aside is for a foundation dedicated to help care for the surviving victims but none to them. >> this does not leave the victims any peace at all. doesn't leaf them whole. >>reporter: the development today only fuel dedication in getting a comfort women memorial built in san francisc francisco. golden gate park,
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st. mary's square and port smith square among proposed location. it will be dedicated to all women including those from south korea but china and other country not usually talk about. >> we have comfort women that are still alive. from holland. from the philippines. they need to also 7 sen sear apology from gentleman pap. >>reporter: today agreement is time and i are reversible resolution. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. livermore police and fire fights went beyond the call of duty to help a girl who lost her mother christmas day. they drop-off presents to a 6-year-old girl named karma with 39-year-old mother died of pel condition. they say karma was so genuine and sweet they felt compelled to bring her a little holiday chore during this very difficult time. one officer says it was the best moment of his year. >> it made everything that we
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go through worth while for that 10 minutes with that little girl. >>reporter: officers also started a go if you said me passenger that will help transport her mother's body back to her home state of florida where karma will likely live with her grandmother. we have a link on our web site if you would like to get involved. thieves ruin christmas for group of san jose state student but kindness of strangers may may going it a 0happy holiday
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>> we come from low income>reporteréh$sp'dlord is looking at security options. friend set up a good if you t&ace the stolen items. it's topped 11,000 dollars. authorities keep their eye =i9áeá tried to cross highway 37 several times today. >g
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the median with stars that caused huge traffic jam for sr&e and both direction out here on highway 37. now it's lying just off )u(v @ looking either advertise stressed or too tired to do anything after long day of trying to cross the road. the 500 pound elephant seal appears to be beached in the mud after the tide rolled back into the san pablo bay. earlier chp officer andrew barkley got a feesful of hot breath and is a leave a while trying to corral the extremely irritated mammal. >> a lot of weight he said her. a lot of muscle so yes she was front of eastbound highway 37 traffic and tried to crawl over the median. officerqa barkley and others coaxed her backót in the east ware. >> what we have seen is still trying to get out of the water. she's very adamant she will stretch of roadway, determined seal made 3 more attempt. marine mammal expert say she may be trying to get to the dry field on the other side because she's about to give birth. >> if she business to give birth it means that she's in her prime so she has a lot of weight. a lot of strength on her. she could actually hurt e-the seal took the gash out of the board. now the chp and the marine mammal center say she will be monitoring it throughout the night. in sonoma couldn't, alan wong abc 7 news. we'll keep tabs on it too. >> still ahead at 11:00. hover
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board havoc. sudden burst of flames shoppers taking cover inside shopping mall. >> marketing company of bieber hits the streets of san francisco. angry tune city hall singing tonight. >> one of the air leap raising the fee. this time it is parents have to
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one5 of the season hottest$t present got a little too hot at mall in texas. pk hover board caught fear today and exploded. somebody had just returned it to a kiosk at the mall because it wasn't charging properly. employee tried to put it back in a box when it just burst into flames. security quickly
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put out the fire. nobody jrd. federal government is currently investigating 22 reports of hover board fires. tonight this graffiti hassan fran taking on justin bieber. it was sprayedet on sidewalk all over the city to promote the singer new album. now the city attorney calls this gorilla marketing campaign illegal. here's carolyn what the city is demanding from bieber record label. >>reporter: city threatening to pursue all cost connectd with this graffiti. it's on sidewalks all over san francisco. marketing justin francisco. marketing justin bieber latest album purpose. sorry just won't do. city wants bieber record label and the distribute or to foot the bill for cleaning this up. >> i don't think that's something the taxpayers should have to pay for. >>reporter: city attorney fired off an angry letter today
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to the singer representatives. >> we want their full cooperatipk to know the extent of it. individuals responsible for it. so that we can get this taken care of as quickly as possible. >>reporter: hererra is especially infuriated that the citizens were aemployed withá!q the recent rain hasn't washed them awhich. someone apparently not believer turned this one into a critique of the pop singer. it's no joke for the city which spend 20 million dollars a year eradicating graffiti. supervisor is drafting legislation to increase fines on violators. >> we can only charge the companies the cost of cleaning it up. so for them it's just a cost of doing business. so there has to be some larger incentive to prevent this kind of lawless behavior e-city attorney has not heard back from justin bieber's people and our phone calls to them were not returned. in san francisc
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francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. new at 11:00. drone got a little too close to president obama's motorcade during his vacation in hawaii while he was on his way to play golf. secret service forced the drone operator to bring it down. they say he complied. no charges fichltd president played around of golf without any more problems. parents will now have to pay extra for their teenager to fly solo on united air liens. airline quietly increased the age range of children whose tickets must include a service fee for unaccompanied minor. it was required for children acknowledges 5 to 12 now increased to age 15. the 150 dollars pays for employee to chaperone the children on their trips. ti all right. time to check on our weather and how cold it gets. >> it is chilly. we are here with the forecast. >>reporter: it's going to be cold enough to wherec you need to cvrng up the heat or perhaps throw extra blanket on your
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body. -- bed. we see clear conditions across the bayyñ are. most areas inland in the 30's even near the bay like hayward, the wind. napa feels like it is 28 degrees right now. 33 in fairfield. feels like 35 in oakland. é just a slight breee but the breeze is if you have to make it feel even chilly. live look at beautiful view. string of cold nights ahead. winter chill sunshine tomorrow afternoon4 and no rain on new year's eve it's just fine. tomorrow morning the lawns my be a bit on the ice side as we do see frost develop 28 in nap j napa, 29 fairfield, santa rosa by morning, 32 indhñ vallejo looking at 29 in livermore. 31 antioch. 30 concord. lower than last night. 35 if san jose. 38 oakland. 35 san
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mateo o. very cold in san francisco. 40 degrees an so you definitely will need to pack on the layers perhaps grab a hot cup of coffee to keep you warm. wednesday morning shiite up tick in the temperatures so not quite as cold thanks to a little bit more cloud cover wednesday morning. slight chance of some very small chance we'll see a few light showers developing between ukiah santa rosa around 8:00 o'clock in the morning to 11:00 a.m. fought going to last very long. system falls apart so if you get anything sprinkle. wednesday night cloud cover. chance for san francisco. we have the slight possibility on wednesday and another possibility on monday but in between it's pretty much dry. ranging -- ringing in the new year with dry conditions. spectacular fireworks show in san francisco. if you are here clear sky temperature of 45 degrees by midnight. item going to get cold. 43 degrees so you definitely need to bring a coat or jang it with you. tomorrow afternoon it's cool or
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chilly depending on where you are. 53 in san francisco. san mateo o. san jose fremont. 55 oakland. livermore concord fairfield 51 degrees, 52, nap, he santa rosa, 53 half moon ba bay. accu-weather 7 day forecast see plenty of sunshine but in the morning there can frosty. look at wed partly cloudy maybe few sprinkles. new year's eve is going to be cold morning dry for new year eve celebration so 2016 is going in on a dry note as well then we head towards the weekend we keep it bright and sunny the first half. more cloud cover the second half of your weekend. high remain on the cool side. monday we bring in another slight chance of showers but once again the system is week and going to southern california e. >> keep an
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looking for great party on new year's eve. the this is the place. dick clark new york rocking eve with ryan seacrest against thursday at 8:00 p.m. for break at 11 for look at how the bay area is celebrating then the count tips at 11:30 with more new year's rocking eve. >> old with the people who newtown bad memory of 2015 into a shredder. memory transformed into confetti used in the good day on positive patient not wishes for a deliver idea. a lot to talk about today. >> we have rick in for larry. >> yes. former forty-niner says the coach doesn't return
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the warriors were out streaking tonight. they were not just trying to make 11 straight wins over sacramento but within the 33rd straight game at home. the defending champ came if with record of 28 and 1 but sacramento was not intimidated. the team led by 11 in the second quarter. curry didn't score the first basket until 3:16 in the quarter. cut the lead to 3. back and forth career high flex point. antsy scoring 17 street
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golden state still trailed by 3 at the half. kings lost to cousins in the third with all star big man double technical and he jested. that sparked a 15 nothing run by the warriors. yuuvq thompson. 29 high. cur 23 points 10u assistf and career highoí 14 rebounds. f 122wu-103e final. lc stef's=ñ brother scor7 pointsúslu for&s the king0h. ws dominatedp) oracle sharkh: hav% worst home record in theçfqj"át4 worst home record in theçfqj"át4 karl with the+p redirect. s5bt colorado never trailed and it hat trek. shark are.d justyk 4d he let gof/ sports illustrating
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reported san francisco native time forty-niner offense he have coordinator coach the pack investigators superbowl titles in 1996. on mopped night football manning sat this out pápr'st cincinnati. broncos were trailing 14i-10 in the fourth when former cal bear anderson brakes looked for a 39 yard touch down. after cincinnati tied it up denver had a chance to win at the end of regulation but the kick fromkr 45 yards is way off the mark. in overtime he redeems himself with a 37 yard field goal. denver up by 3. bengals got their chance but bad snap and the cover. broncos&sur)jju 20-17 so they make the play off if they beat the charmers on sunday and also afc champ and first round by. they take on davidson. played locate curry. matthew from his the corner there.
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nice ball movement drop-off to ryan for the dunk. he had 12 point and 11 reupon. bears also play some grit defense. matthews with the steal. scored a season hi 22. next up the bears open conference play by hosting new year's night. semifinal espn thursday. 5 michigan state and bama in the cotton bowl all ladies up to x fenty. warriors w9know again e.awesome.( >>reporter: next play wed atp2
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and now, abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> announcer: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- wanda sykes. formula one champion lewis hamilton. and music from band of merrymakers. with cleto and the cletones. and now, be warned, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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